About Us

Our advisors have one mission.  To use our wealth of knowledge to help dentists build healthy & balanced financial life where everything fits together.  We believe a financial life is healthy when you can preserve, prosper, and pass on accumulated wealth to future generations.  We believe a financial life is balanced when you have the freedom to pursue purposeful and peaceful lives free from the stress of wealth.  Our goal is to help you attain both a healthy & balanced financial life through the use of our years of experience in working with dentists.   In short, we strive to be where family wealth management and financial wisdom meet.

Why Us?

Our vision is clear: through collaboration we can help contribute to you and your family's financial stability and continuity.  We understand the importance of passing on your legacy, values, and ethics.  We believe it is our responsibility to use our skills and resources to help you attain your financial hopes and ambitions.  We will work with you and any other member of your financial team in order to develop a "life-planning" relationship.  Here at McNeely Financial Strategies it is our vision to help you achieve yours.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with us. The only thing that's required is a desire to add some clarity to your future and a simple phone call. The rest of your future starts today. Exploring a relationship with us is the first step towards a future shaped by you.


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